Goodness Grill expands into South Liverpool

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Goodness Grill in Liverpool is expanding with a new outlet in Childwall currently being renovated in time for a summer opening  

After opening on the edge of the business district on Vauxhall Road, in the summer of 2015 Goodness Grill & Juice Bar became a popular hot spot for the health consious. It was almost 2 years ago that Goodness Grill made it possible to eat take away food as a healthy option. The demand for a cleaner way of life grew and continues to do so, they boast a large menu that offers healthy food without compromising on flavour made using nutritional, organic, locally sourced fruit and veg, meat & fresh fish, all of which is free from preservatives and chemicals. Everything is prepared and cooked on site, to your liking by experienced Chefs. Goodness Grill & Juice Bar has brought a healthy option to Liverpool’s take-away food market and judging from the response, are here to stay with plans to go nationwide.  

The freshly prepared meal prep on offer from Goodness Grill is high quality, nutritionally balanced and made with the same fresh, locally sourced ingredients which is proving to be a big hit with athletes and health conscious from all over Merseyside. Meal preparation is designed for those who are on the go, time poor, offering consumers the best of quality food but as a calorie counted diet to take away and reheat at their own convenience.  

After 2 years trading they have decided to bring Goodness Grill to South Liverpool and now has a reasonably sized seating area for those wanting to eat in.

A spokesperson for Goodness said:

“Our mission is to change the concept of fast food forever, we want to make all people aware of the harm traditional, processed fast food causes, we are trying to offer a wide range of good, clean, quality food cooked fresh on site by a professional Chef. We are proud to support many local businesses and that means we can trace all our British produce back to the farms where it originates. We are hoping that sometime in the future, we can offer all cities a healthy option when it comes to dining.”


Author: Danielle

Date: 2017/08/21

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