As we reach the end of a challenging year for the business sector, Liverpool-based company Organic Growth Social are still able to celebrate helping grow their clients’ customer bases and company profiles, whilst creating an environmentally supportive foundation, using their own groundbreaking scheme: each client has a tree planted in their name, to honour every quarter they are part of the Organic Growth Social roster of small-to-medium sized business noted names. The business has a proven track record already, specialising in delivering social media training, growth and bespoke marketing campaigns with a holistic approach. They have worked with clients across the globe in all sectors, specialising in FMCG, hospitality and property. 


Organic Growth Social is the product of fifteen years working in Social Media and Marketing, after realising there was a gap in the market for cost effective, remotely delivered marketing solutions. It has been a driving force in the company to make their services more carbon neutral, as well as having their own website and data supported by a specialist data centre in Amsterdam, which replaces the electricity used by the Organic Growth Social website with three times the amount of wind power credits, ensuring the company’s green credentials for the future, too.


As a trailblazer in terms of being both socially and environmentally conscious, Organic Growth Social are currently working each month to give away £1000 worth of their signature products and services to the third sector, working locally where possible, using the MHCLG Indices of Deprivation to prioritise those most in need across the country with help, support and training. Applications to apply for this assistance are already open, and Organic Growth Social will also be reaching out to areas and businesses they also identify.


Sean Weaver, founder of Organic Growth Social says, “Primarily, we are here to expand the social media capabilities of our clients, through training and creation of curated social media strategies. Businesses of all sizes take investment in social media seriously, but it has to deliver quantifiable outcomes, and our customers can expect to start seeing results within 24 hours of signing up with Organic Growth Social. As a team, we are proud that we are helping to offset the carbon footprint our digital lifestyles make, and our project reaching out to the third sector, which I encourage applications for, means we can use our proven skills to help businesses who need assistance at this really challenging time.”


As 2020 draws to a close, Organic Growth Social are looking to the future with optimism and drive, not only assisting clients to gain optimum results from their social media engagement, but also by giving back to the third sector, and in all areas of their business, ensuring that carbon neutrality plays an increasingly important role.